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Refund for Undelivered or Defective Products Service Outline
If you have not received your order or you have received a defective product after making payment, you may be eligible for refund. 
We will compensate the amount of purchase according to pre-defined conditions after investigating the issue.
Claim Period:  within 14 days from the date of the delivery
Eligible scope of refund
1.  The order was paid for but has not been delivered
2.  You received an item different from the description on the product page, or you received a defective product.
After making payment and receiving your product, you discover the product is damaged, defective, or does not match the description of the item you ordered.
You received an item you did not order 
You received an item that is clearly a different version or differs from the product description. (For example: Different version than the one described on the product page or a used item instead of new.)
You received an item with insufficient parts, attachments, etc. 
You received a damaged or defective item. 
We may ask you to return the product to the return address specified by our customer center.
Not eligible for refund
If your order meets any of the following conditions, it is not eligible for refund.
The claim is filed by a different person than the customer who purchased the item.
The claim is filed later than 90 days from the day after of the date of the order.
Payment has not been made and so there are no monetary damages.
If the order was canceled before payment was made and there are no monetary damages.
The customer does not return the order, or the returned item is not in its original state (product, outer and inner boxes, packing materials, the statement of order, warranty, receipt, etc.)
The item delivered does not have a problem. (The item delivered is the same as described on the product page.)
The customer is not satisfied with the product but the product does not have a problem (For example, the customer is not satisfied with coloring, texture, taste, smell, the item does not fit, etc.)
The customer filed for a refund (return of charge) from a credit card company.
The customer does not provide detailed information related to their refund claim (For example: We may ask the customer to submit the images of the product and the statement of delivery.)
Basis for the claim was due to a natural disaster, abnormal climate, planned blackout, or other unavoidable cause.
Refund method
We will ask the customer for their desired method of refund.
In the case of cash we will deposit the refund in the personal bank account specified by the customer (The name on account must be the same as the customer’s name) 
Claim conditions
Prior to filing a claim, the customer must contact the shop from which the order was placed
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